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Beijing & Shanghai launch tax refund for foreign tourists


Beijing and Shanghai will offer tax refund on purchases made by foreign tourists from July 1st.



According to the policy, foreign tourists must meet the following four conditions before applying for a tax refund: The minimum purchase to obtain a tax refund is 500 yuan at one store in a day; the goods shouldn’t be already used or consumed; the time of purchasing should be within 90 days before departing; the goods should be carried with the foreign tourists themselves or transported by luggage.



However, not all foreign tourists who travel from everywhere in Beijing can enjoy this tax refund. Only those tourists from overseas, as well as those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan who have lived on the Chinese mainland for no more than 183 days can they get tax refund.



So far, 86 stores in Beijing are qualified for the tax refund, with over 50% of department stores followed by well known brands and shopping centers. There are 27 stores offering tax refund in Shanghai, mainly distributed in central commercial districts, tourism shopping regions and commercial foreign affairs locations.



For now, the customs at T2 and T3 terminals in Beijing airport are ready for dealing with tax refund. In Shanghai, foreign tourists can get the refund at the Pudong International Airport and Hongqiao International Airport. The currency for tax refund is Yuan, and foreign tourists can get refund through cash and transfer accounts.



More than 50 countries and regions have tax refund polices, including the United States, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Brazil and Thailand. Liu Simin, the contract research fellow of tourism research center in the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences thinks the tax refund policy is an important step in connecting China with the outside world.



Liu also predicts that the effect of tax refund in Beijing and Shanghai will be great Liu said, “There are large amounts of foreign tourists in Beijing and Shanghai, and they definitely won’t miss this great opportunity for shopping.”



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