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Uber’s business in China expected to surpass the US soon


Uber's business in Asia is expected to soon surpass (超过) the company’s operations in the United States, helped by its aggressive expansion in China and friendly transport regulations elsewhere in the continent.


“In the next couple of months, Asia will be bigger for us than the US,” Sam Gellman, general manager at Uber Hong Kong, said on Thursday.


Gellman did not provide details about the size of growth in Asia, but said Uber’s efforts in the Chinese mainland reflected the bullish prospects there and throughout the region.


In his widely reported e-mail last week, Uber founder and chief executive Travis Kalanick said the San Francisco-based company will invest more than US$1 billion in China this year. “Simply stated, China is the #1 priority for Uber’s global team,” he wrote.


Uber plans to launch in 50 more cities in China this year with populations above five million. It already operates in Beijing, Shanghai and nine other mainland Chinese cities, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Uber drivers now complete nearly one million trips a day in China, where the company’s business has doubled in the last month.


Kalanick went on to say that China now accounts for four of Uber's 10 busiest cities, making the country its No 2 market after the US.



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