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Geili Giving”: an American girl’s charity dream in China


Elyse Ribbons from America has been staying in China for over a decade. During those years, Elyse, who can speak Chinese fluently, worked as an actress, host and she even studied traditional opera for 4 years in National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts. Now she became an entrepreneur among her many other professions.  



In April, 2015 Elyse Ribbons established her company, “Geili Giving”, aiming to build a beneficial social enterprise.



Elyse Ribbons loved the classic story of The Orphan of Chao, a play she learned in college. She said, “all ancient Chinese know the importance of righteousness, which they took as the quality more precious than life. I am convinced that Chinese people still possess that characteristic, but only grow numb in this modern commercial society.”



Compared with Western society, where these sorts of social enterprises are flourishing, in China Elyse Ribbons noticed the atmosphere for social charity is quite positive. An yet, not many companies are tackling the charity issues here.



For that reason, Elyse created a company named Geili Giving, a mobile service platform connecting civil non-profit organizations and ordinary Chinese people. The operating model is to allow users to play funny games to donate money. All funds raised on the platform eventually goes to non-governmental organizations.



Geili Giving wants to show that even regular Chinese people can use their own individual humble power to help public welfare and anyone else in trouble.



Elyse Ribbons said, “Charity is a subtle issue in China. Many people want to participate but don’t know how.” In order to solve this problem, Elyse Ribbons hopes to introduce a mature operating mode of social enterprises in foreign countries to help assist local social services.



“Of course, we don’t want to just copy Western rules. We’d like to understand China and be aware of its’ specific national conditions.” Elyse Ribbons admits that staying in China longer is making her more and more Chinese She said, “When I received the basic music training in college, my teacher tried to punish me. At first it was rather unpleasant, but later I realized that the stricter she was, the better my results got”



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