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Girly men cause a men shortage in China?


Walking around a beauty shop, you can find a number of men enjoying skin care, getting Botox injections and discussing the plastic surgery previously thought of as girly. Akin to actors in Korean dramas, they represent a stereotype of "girly men".

There is a saying in China, "A woman will doll herself up for the man who loves her". It applies to men as well. As men are trying to appear more handsome, cosmetics and skin care products for men are selling well. The global market for such products is valued at USD 3.3 billion, and growing at double-digits every year. Men in South Korea consume most of these products. Some men in their 20s will not leave home before they treat themselves with facial masks, day cream and sunscreen lotion. Some use eyeliner, and after returning home, they remove their makeup and use anti-aging care products.

In this diversified era, girly man and tough guy are both two popular images, but according to scientists and sociologists, the men shortage crisis accompanied by the popularity of girly men should be looked into with more detail.

Sun Yunxiao, an education specialist from China, says in one of his books, "There are four crises related to growing up and education for boys, namely the studying crisis, psychological crisis, physical crisis, and social crisis, mainly because ratio of male and female teachers in the basic subjects is unbalanced, and fathers are too busy with their work while their children are growing up.

All kindergartens and primary schools in China are dominated by female teachers,  with the rate between women teachers and men at about 3:1. Since the kindergarten and primary school period is critical for a part of a childs character development, many education experts believe that boys and girls differ in their demands. Boys demand more from teachers and are affected more by their teachers; they should be taught to be show and acknowledge their maleness in a relaxed environment. Some researchers believe that schools dominated by female teachers tend to adopt the teaching approaches and evaluation methods suitable for girls.
Female teachers are more meticulous and affectionate, but they are unable to teach boys to be masculine.

There are not enough male teachers to act as rolemodels for boys at school. At home, fathers are busy with their work, some working overseas. One half of Chinese families have boys, but they don't have the male rolemodel as their fathers are usually not present. As a result, they will stress their male characteristics to differ from girls around them, being boorish and violent; or they may learn from girls behavior and adopt a more outwardly feminine character.

No matter what kind of persona is being brought up by the environment and the family lifestyle characteristics as being responsible, trustworthy, determined and cooperative are the key to a engaged and satisfying life in the modern society.

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