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China’s Snow selected among world’s best-selling beers by Euromonitor


Data released by business research company Euromonitor has revealed the world's best-selling beers – and it's likely that you won't have heard of some of them.


The beer that made it to the top spot on this list, with a huge 5.4 per cent of the global market share isn't Budweiser or Heineken, but Snow – a Chinese brand of lager that owes its success to China's booming population and middle class. Over 10 billion litres of Snow is brewed every single year – so there's pretty much zero chance that you'll ever go thirsty in China.


Brands from rapidly growing economies make up a surprising number of the top ten – in second place is Tsingtao, another Chinese brand that it is increasingly been sold in the UK.


Yanjing and Harbin, also Chinese lager brands, are in the top ten, as are Skol and Brahma, two of Brazil's favourite beers.


There's only four beers in the top ten that aren't from Chinese or Brazilian breweries – Bud Light, Budweiser, Heineken and Coors Light.


Overall, these top ten beers make up around 23 per cent of all the beer sold in the world.



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