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Survey: Success rate of love confession reaches 97% women


May 20 is a day flooded with love confessions every year, as 520 sounds like wo ai ni (I love you) in Chinese. Recently, a matchmaking website has carried out a survey entitled “Love confession refusal” on over 80 million members in China. According to the survey result, nearly 90% of the male survey takers welcome the love confession from the females, while “you are a good man or woman” has been the most popular refusal jargon. Nearly 70% of the female respondents refuse to be a “mistress”; over 60% of the male respondents cannot tolerate a woman lying about her romance, while nearly half of the female respondents cannot tolerate a man lying about his assets. 

每到520,就是表白刷屏日。近日,一家相亲网站以“拒绝表白”为主题对全国超8000万会员进行了抽样调查,调查显示,近九成男性欢迎女性主动 表白,而“你是个好人”成为最流行拒绝表白用语,近七成女性不愿当“小三”。超六成男性无法容忍女方在感情史上撒谎,而近五成女性无法容忍男性在财产上撒谎。

Experts suggest that one should take hold of the opportunity to confess love to the favored person. However, confession can also bi a bit technical The way to confess your affection matters. 


Recently a college girl wearing a wedding dress confessed her love to a man. These news have made a great impact. Many people exclaimed the greatness of love. However, men dislike a big show most sincere words of love are far better than the city-rocking high-pitched confession. Over 30% of the female singles dislike a hesitating uncouth confession. It seems that the sincere approach to confess one’s love is King. 

前段时间轰动一时的“高校女生穿婚纱向男生告白”让许多人感叹爱情的伟大,但事实却是,高调示爱竟然是男性最反感的表白方式,含情脉脉的真心话表白远比 轰动全城的高调示爱效果更好。超三成的单身女性则最反感吞吞吐吐,不干脆的表白方式。看来,霸道总裁式的表白才是王道。

Nearly 90% of the males like a clear confession from the females.


In the survey, 86.21% of the male respondents have said they will accept words of love from the favored female, and 11.64% of the male respondents will not refuse a confession even from the unfavored female; 97.85% of confessions by the female are unexpectedly successful, while less than 58% of confessions by the male succeed; it really is much easier for a woman to approach a man. 


However, a man who accepts the confession from a woman doesn’t necessarily mean that he likes her. Maybe he is moved by her. 13.37% of men will accept the confession as they are moved by it or lonely. Although 60% of the women will accept confession from a man as they like him, 22.09% and 12.97% of them will only accept the confession when the man is capable of providing for them and is kind to them. Thus, one should be careful with confession. 

不过,男性接受女性的主动表白不一定是喜欢,也可能是因为感动。13.37%的男人会因为感动而接受表白,还有因为寂寞空虚而接受女性的投怀送抱。虽然 有六成女性会因为喜欢而接受表白,但同时也有22.09%和12.97%的女人只是因为对方条件好和对她好才接受。所以,表白需谨慎,对方即使答应了也未 必真诚。

What are the most-used words to refuse a love-confession? According to the survey data, over 60% of the male and female singles will refuse a confession by saying “you are a good man or woman”. “you are good, but we don’t match”, “you are really good, but let us just be friends” . The universal expression “good” is said tens of thousands of times. The good-labeled guys or girls can do nothing but choke on their “goodness”.. 



According to experts, most people choose not to refuse a confession directly as to leave the confessor unembarrassed. One should never fawn over a person that doesn’t like him or her. A good-labeled person should not be stuck. In this case it’s best to take the high road; wait for new opportunities peacefully or leave gracefully. 


Becoming an “ex” is unfortunately an unavoidable scar to most people. We see the satisfying romance making up in many TV dramas, but it is rarely seen in the real life. In this survey, the question “would you make up with your ex?”, 62.39% of the male respondents and 76.15% of the female respondents selected the answer, “A good horse doesn't turn back to graze”, meaning they would never take making up into consideration. Men are more nostalgic than women. 37.61% of the male have chosen to think about making up . Experts advise that all singles,either male or female, should not be meeting their exes again. The best way to cure a heartache is to start a new relationship. 

前任对于大多数人来说永远是道绕不开的伤疤,碰一碰还会疼。许多电视剧里有旧情复燃的完美结局,可在现实生活中这样美好的场景还是少见。在这次调研中, 针对“你会接受前任的求复合表白吗”这一选项,62.39%的男性和76.15%的女性都选择“好马不吃回头草”,完全不予考虑。男人比女人更念旧情,有 37.61%的男人选择会考虑复合。专家奉劝各位单身男女,面对前任就一句话:不要贱不要见。重新开启一段感情才是治愈情伤的最好途径。


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