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Tencent launchs TOS+ to compete with Alibaba and Xiaomi

腾讯推出Tencent OS操作系统 欲在智能硬件领域与阿里和小米展开角逐.jpg

Tencent launched an operating system for internet-connected devices such as TVs and watches that is open to all developers, taking on domestic rivals Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and Xiaomi Inc in the smart hardware space.

腾讯发布Tencent OS操作系统,适用于电视与手表等联网设备,面向所有开发者开放。腾讯此举意在智能硬件领域与阿里巴巴集团和小米展开角逐。

Tencent Operating System and TOS+ allow manufacturers and developers to freely use the platform if they agree to share revenue. This model mirrors Google Inc's Android mobile OS, and could help Tencent replicate the U.S. firm's conquest of the majority of the world's smartphones.

如果制造商和开发商同意分享收入,就可以免费使用Tencent OS平台和TOS+。这种模式效仿了谷歌的安卓系统,并且可以帮助腾讯复制谷歌在安卓领域的成功。

"We want to inject more content into smart hardware systems and have connectivity across different terminals," Zhong Xiangping, head of TOS+, told the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing.


Tencent, e-commerce giant Alibaba, which develops the Yun Operating System, and smartphone maker Xiaomi have already made forays into smart hardware, with internet-connected TVs, fitness bands and air purifiers.


Tencent said it wanted to layer the Android-based TOS+ over smart hardware, from TVs to watches and virtual reality headsets. That would mean playing games on a TV using a smartphone, or using a TOS+ smart watch to make payments from a handset, Zhong said.


Earlier this month, Alibaba formed a 'smart living' business unit as it races to introduce internet and computing capabilities to various kinds of everyday products.


Baidu Inc is also developing its own Android-based smart watch OS, DuWear, compatible with Sony Corp, Lenovo Group Ltd's Motorola and LG Corp wearables. The DuWear Watch is set to go on sale in June.

百度也正在开发基于安卓的智能手表OS系统DuWear,可兼容索尼、联想以及LG的可穿戴设备。DuWear Watch计划于6月上市。


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