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World’s most valuable companies: three big brands in China

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1. Apple Inc.

Market value: $749.3 billion

Apple Inc. whose business mainly covers a connected line of products, the iOS-based iPhone, iPad and iWatch, sits in first place in terms of market value.


2. Microsoft

Market value: $402.5 billion

Microsoft started with PC operation system, but recently has been going downhill in the mobile internet market. Its Windows Phone shares only 4% of market, which falls far behind its PC market value. For future business, it’s not looking well.


3. Google

Market value: $373.7 billion

Google has the world’s biggest search engine, and the most widely-used mobile operation system. Maybe Google will surpass Apple and Microsoft in the coming future.


4. Facebook

Market value: $225.2 billion

Facebook is the world’s biggest social platform with over 1.3 billion monthly active users. It has purchased Whatsapp, the biggest IM platform, and now it included over 0.8 billion active Whatsapp users. 


5. Alibaba

Market value: $205.1 billion

Alibaba, the world’s biggest online retailer, made over a trillion dollars in 2014. China is the home turf for Alibaba,  but it’s expansion in the global market has deeply changed China’s retail industry.


6. Amazon

Market value: $199.4 billion

Amazon, the world’s biggest online shopping site is untouchable in its products and quality. Amazon’s cloud computing ranks the nuber one place in the world, and it definitely has its place in the future.


7. Tencent

Market value: $195.5 billion

As the biggest social networking platform in China, Tencent owns two popular apps — QQ and Wechat. However, Tencent can be called a giant in only in China. It’s still not so successful in other countries. 


8. Baidu

Market value: $76 billion

Baidu, China’s top search engine, has the lowest market value among the three Chinese based internet giants.. Baidu is pushing its big data and artificial intelligence development


9. Ebay

Market value: $71.4 billion

Ebay has the same structure of business with Taobao — C2C (customer to customer) , but because of China charging services on its platform, ebay has pulled out of the Chinese market. Still, it’s l popular in the American and European market, and owns the world’s biggest third-party payment platform—Paypal.


10. Priceline

Market value: $64.8 billion

Priceline is the biggest travel information service platform in America, just the same as China’s Ctrip. It is quite general in market potential. 



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