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Is Mahjong a gambling game or just chess?


It is said that where there are Chinese, there are parlors in which people play Mahjong. People saying this have obviously been around Chinese often.


Mahjong is an interesting game even if you have played it for a thousand times. It’s as attractive as chess, being invented by ancient Chinese and became popular a long time ago. As with any game of chance, there are winners and losers when playing Mahjong, and the winners get rewarded with money. Because of this Mahjong has unfortunately changed in nature. It is not a noble pastime game anymore. It has turned into a gambling game which is regulated by law.

麻将是千玩不厌的玩意,与同是中国古人发明的象棋吸引力相同,平步同行五湖四海千年不衰。而有华人和有会馆的地方,就有麻将和象棋,也基本是靠谱的事 实。打麻将皆因有胜负之分,胜负又以金钱作输赢奖励,因此,打麻将不幸变了质,已不是高尚的消遣游戏,沦落为赌博工具,被纳入赌博法令管制。


There is nothing wrong with meeting a few friends and playing Mahjong for entertainment. Friends communicate, talk about world affairs and enjoy spending time with each other. As long as we have self-discipline, any pass time is welcome. Don’t cause a calamity, keep it down and don’t think about winning or loosing. Gambling makes a lot of problems, it can break up families and seriously affect friendships. Same happens with Mahjong when we overdo it.

本来三几友好,相约打几圈卫生麻将,消遣消遣,当它是业余娱乐并无不可,朋友间也可借麻将台互相交流,纵横天下事,互增感情,只要大家自律,不喧哗, 也可自鸣清高,与世无争,其乐融融。赌博可使人家破人亡,如果打麻将也被拖落水,一概而论,不分皂白混为一谈就太过分了。

Fortunately, in recent years, Mahjong seems to have been reasesed. Mahjong contests have been held across China and promoted as a sports competition project. Mahjong value is again growing, it’s now becoming a legitimate game once more.


It has been researched that Mahjong can help elderly people with dementia. Playing mahjong can stimulate the development of the brain and prevent it from degradation. Therefore, in some of China's rehabilitation centers and homes for the elderly Mahjong is  for the elderly to have both physical and mental exercise, which never hurts.


Retired citizens who stay at home with nothing to do during the day would like to invite a few friends to play Mahjong in the parlors to kill time and to entertain themselves. However, the directors of the parlors iare worried about violating regulations and do not dare to let them play.


Is Mahjong a gambling game or a board game? Sincerely, we hope the related authorities can finally give a clear explanation. If it is a board game, then, there should be no difference between Mahjong and chess. It should be allowed for public to play it openly..



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