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Why does everyone say Chengdu is such a great city?


Chinese know it as the "city of relaxation." and I think it does have to do with all the tea houses. I lived there for 6 months and I loved it. But looking back on it, it was just a city. The closeness to a lot of other travel places was probably why I thought it was so great…. and it was my first stint in china, so everything was new and interesting.

中国人认为那是城市里休闲娱乐的方式,而且我认为必须去这些茶馆才能理解这种方式。我在成都生活过6个月并且我喜欢那里。但是回过头来说,它仅仅是一个城 市。我认为它如此出色或许是因为临近很多其他的风景名胜的缘故……而且那时我去中国的第一站,所以一切看起来都是新奇而且有趣的。



For a capital city it is certainly a comfortable place. The traffic jams are nothing in comparison to other capital cities but yet still it offers just about the same amount of things. But quite literally Chengdu food is delicious (If you are into spicy food)



I love chengdu. it is a beautiful city. why people say chendu is a great city. i do not know. I just know why i love it.


1)the weather is comfortable. it is good for your skin. Many girls skin is very well. White and sleek. Most of girls are fashion.


2)the city is not crowed. traffic is very well. Chendu people are very kind and honest.


3)many places you can travel.


4)the food is delicious. especially the hot pot.



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