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Zhangjiajie – an amazing place where “Avatar” movie was filmed


There is a place in China where you can discover one of the most stunning mountains in the world. This place is called Zhangjiajie and it’s located in Hunan Province, nearby famous Chinese town Fenghuang. 


You may be already familiar with these mountains as Zhangjiajie is the place where the famous “Avatar” movie was filmed. Yes, that’s the same place, the same mountains and yes, they are real and no, it’s not magic! 



Reaching the Mountains


Getting here may not be easy neither cheap, but trust me – seeing this place is worth spending any money and travelling all day and night long. How can you reach the mountains? There are daily flights from such big cities as Shanghai, Beijing or Guangzhou, so you can get to Zhangjiajie in less than two hours. If you can’t afford it, you can choose to go there by train. It takes approximately 20 hours and costs less than $35. 



The beauty of Zhangjiajie's Mountains


The Zhangjiajie’s Mountains are called by locals The Floating Mountains because when it gets foggy, they look like they were floating in the air. This view is incredible and it certainly leaves many tourists speechless. For this reason, the Zhangjiajie Park is listed as UNESCO World Heritage site.



Once you decide to hike here, you will have this amazing opportunity to walk across the glass bridge, take pictures of natural scenery and climb up the stairs to heaven.


Trekking in Zhangjiajie National Park

The Zhangjiajie National Park is one of the most exciting and beautiful places to explore in Hunan province. It offers a lot to hike lovers – from the longest cable cars in the world to challenging trek paths full of extremely narrow vertical cliffs. 



Staying in Zhangjiajie National Park


Staying here up to 3 days, which costs approximately $40, will certainly be one of the highlights of your China journey. If you’re adventurous, you should pack some food, bottled water and a tent where you can sleep for 2 nights. If not, you can stay at one of budget hostels in the park – the prices start from $10 a night. 



Adding Zhangjiajie to your bucket list


When in China, you should definitely head to Hunan province to see what Zhangjiajie has a lot to offer to its visitors. You will be blown away by the beauty of the mountains and nicely surprised with Chinese cuisine which is considered to be one of the spiciest in the whole country. 



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