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Does smartphone threaten your family relationships?


Technology, especially the smartphone, has changed the way we live and communicate. An survey found the more time people spend on mobile electronic devices; the greater the risk family relationships are put at. Are smartphones eroding family ties and ruining communication? You're welcome to leave your comments.



Austin (UK)

Too true, go out and see how many people have their phones on their table or how many couples sit opposite one other looking down at their phones! I went to a supposedly plush club in London and everyone was sitting, looking down at their phones the entire night! I used to be addicted to my smartphone too, but now I use a basic one and barely touch it, I wish more people would consider giving up their phones and interact with the world around them! I'm sure people are lonelier than ever before and this is one of the main reasons.



Newtown (China)

The simple way to avoid this addiction is not to have one. I'm tired of seeing parents take kids to a playground, then staying glued to their phone while their child is enjoying itself. Wouldn't they get more pleasure out of watching this rather than staring at a tiny screen and playing with its buttons/scrolling endlessly? Would't their child also respond to the parent's interest and appreciation? Another habit is for people walking along with their phone stuck in front of their face, not looking where they are going and expecting everyone else to move aside.



Amy (US)

This is just odd to me. Nothing is destroying your relationship but yourself. If you pick up your phone when your significant other is trying to talk to you or say something important, that's on you, not your phone. It means you can't be bothered to show the barest respect. Honestly, stop blaming technology. The phone doesn't send texts by itself.



Kevin (Canada)

This age of technology is stunting young adults' and teens' social skills. For many, texting is the preferred form of communication over face to face contact. It's harming the ability and desire for real life social interaction when it's so easy to avoid having to start conversations by texting instead. When we are out in the world we should be anxious to communicate not hide behind the wall of technology. Take care not to replace spending quality time with people in the real world with wasting time in an imaginary one.



Liz (Australia)

The problem isn't technology it's the misuse of it. The bottom line is all this new technology hasn't taken anything away from genuine communication unless you let it do so – it has, very simply, provided us with more options.



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