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Which Chinese province has the cutest girls?


By Feifei Wang

While all Chinese girls (or all girls regardless nationality or race) are cute, different girls are cute in different ways. And since China is so diverse, we have all kinds of cute girls in all kinds of different ways.


Many people have mentioned Sichuan girls are really pretty, known to the rest of China as "川妹” (Chuan sisters). It is true that Sichuan, more specifically Chongqing girls, are famous for their beauty and hot temper (probably because the spicy Sichuan food).

很多人说四川女孩是真的漂亮,中国其他地方的人都称她们 “川妹子”。四川女孩,具体说是重庆女孩,以长相漂亮和性格火辣(可能是因为川菜都很辣)而出名,这是真的。

Some famous Sichuan actresses include:

一些著名的四川女演员包括:刘晓庆(Liu Xiaoqing)、蒋勤勤(Jiang Qingqing)、张靓颖(Zhang Liangying)

Traditionally, Jiangnan is  also famous for beauties. Jiang Nan generally means Jiangsu, Zhejiang. As far as stereotypes goes, Jiang Nan girls have delicate features, soft and sweet nature, shy and reserved. When people talking about "traditional Chinese beauty", they often mean Jiang Nan girls.


One good example is Lin Daiyu fromThe Story of the Stone, played by famous actress Chen Xiaoxu



The classic traditional beauty with soft facial features. Very different from Sichuan girls' large smiles.


And my personal favorite actress: Tang Wei ( in Lust, Caution)


And then we have Hu Nan chicks, very similar to Chuan sisters, Hu Nan girls are famous for their fierce personality. Famous Hu Nan girls include: Song Zuying (famous folk singer)



Let's not forget the "deep south" provinces: Guang Dong, Fu Jian, Hai Nan and etc. Southern Chinese are a bit different from Northern Chinese. They have narrower often tilted eyes, high cheekbones, fuller lips.


One good example is Maggie Cheung



And Shu Qi


Northern girls have more prominent "Mongolian" feature, full face, dark eyebrow, almond shaped eyes. One of the most famous Chinese actress, Gong Li is from Liao Ning, and her ancestry trace to Shan Dong province(same as me! yeah~)


Gong Li in Raise the Red Lantern



And I've saved the my home town for the last: Beijing!


Can't say Beijing girls really have a prominent features, since Beijing is such a metropolis, people from all over the country come and make it their home. We kind of have the best of everywhere. Beijing girls are more famous for their proud, feisty personality and know it all, seen it all attitude (which is quite obvious in me). One famous example actress from Beijing, and probably share the Beijing chick personality is Zhang Ziyi



By Nicholas MacDonald ( spent six years working in China)


Depends what you like:


my favorite are small, thin, round-faced, pale skinned women with a more "northeast Asian) look. Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai seem to produce those in droves; the classic Hangzhou/Suzhou beauty.


if you like tall, thin, pale women, the Northeast (Jilin, Liaoning, Heilongjiang) is best


if you like curvaceous women who break the usual no T&A stereotype of Asian women, Sichuan and Chongqing have them in abundance (just as a quick trip to Harbin will break the Asian height stereotype, a trip to Chengdu or Chongqing will break this one. I've known a lot of guys who didn't like Asian women until they met Sichuanese women.)


west China, where Han, Turkic and Mongol blood all intermingle, produces a lot exotic beauties.



or just go to Shenzhen, where you'll find all of the above.



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