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Chinese students criticized for social isolation in the U.S.


As the minority group in the Michigan State University, Chinese students have a completely different experience from that of the students from other countries. The number of compatriots is so large that they can avoid communication with the local students, and it results in establishing their own social life, isolated and independent. 


For many Chinese students, talk to the local students and understand their native language is laborious. If the native students don’t explain the meanings of the slang and jokes, or the Chinese students don’t do a research, what the native students say is really difficult to be understood.  


Many international students are more willing to communicate with their compatriots, as are the Chinese students. This cross-cultural barriers exist in most international students, Chinese students is quite special, because the number is huge. For some Chinese students, a large number of compatriots allow them to avoid communication with the local students, and it results in establishing their own social life, isolated and independent. This leaves other students with a bad impression.


'The Chinese students in our school have an extra challenge, they have to decide whether to get on well with those non-Chinese students.' Matthew said: 'there is no such a problem for students from other countries, because they have no choice. ' 


On campus, the bad impression of the Chinese students is that they always have their own small groups, with few communications with the outside world, engineering junior Steven St. Pierre said. However, after making friends with several Chinese students, he said that the bad impression has both real and unrealistic sides.

在校园里,关于中国留学生的一个刻板印象就是他们总是有自己的小集体,很少会与外界交流,工程系大三学生斯蒂文•圣皮埃尔(Steven St.Pierre)说道。不过,在和几名中国留学生交上朋友后,圣皮埃尔表示这种刻板印象既有真实的一面,也有不切实际的一面。

Not long ago, St. Pierre decided to have dinner with one of his Chinese friends, who was together with his Chinese compatriots in the restaurant. St. Pierre recalled that the other two Chinese students looked cool, and they had few talks over the dinner table. 


The common bad impression on the Chinese students makes the local students unwilling to contact with them. For example, they think that Chinese students are very wealthy, they drive luxury cars and look very arrogant. 


Journalism sophomore Mandy Fu said that, the impression that all the Chinese students in the United States are very wealthy is just a stereotype, both for the people home and abroad. Fu added: “My mother was a teacher and my father is an engineer. I just ride a Honda car, but I am still very happy.” 



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