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Eight incomprehensible Chinese characteristics in a foreigner’s eyes


After giving birth


I heard recently that after giving birth, women aren't allowed to take a bath or shower. They shouldn't wash their hair for over a month. They shouldn't return to work for nearly 3 months. Very different in the West. I really don't know or understand the rationale or if it's just some kind of tradition.



Boiled water


In China, all water has to be boiled before you can drink it. I am not sure why the Chinese do it, but I have heard that it is very good for your digestive system.




Drinking is a part of Chinese culture that I find weird. If you want to create or enhance your network, you have to drink as much as you can.



Red envelope


A far more pervasive feature is the red envelope.


If you are married to a Chinese you will be surprised by the sheer number of events that give people an automatic right to obtain red money-filled envelopes:


– A house-warming party;

– 乔迁喜宴;

– the marriage;

– 婚礼;

– death of someone;

– 葬礼;

– promotion (of a civil servant);

– (官员)升迁;

– birth of a child;

– 孩子出生;

– birthday;

– 生日;


Raised by grandparents


In China, children were raised primarily by the grandparents because of the parents needing to work. My husband was raised by his grandparents, and my in-laws were raised by their grandparents. Should children's primary caretakers be their parents?





I'm studying for the driving exam. The laws are similar to the West. What's amazing is, NO ONE FOLLOWS THESE LAWS IN CHINA! Seriously. The licensing process in China is far more difficult than in the West. However, it seems that in China, as soon as you do get the license, you forget everything that you learned and do whatever you want, whenever you, wherever you want, however you want. Parking on sidewalks, driving on the wrong side of the road, constantly honking the horn and many others. Most of the laws are exactly the opposite of what more than 50% of the drivers do in China. In the West, we have driving laws that are enforced. It is rare to see someone breaking the driving laws in the West.

我正在学驾驶。中国的交规和西方差不多。但神奇的是,中国根本没人遵守交规!说实话,中国的驾照考试要比西方难一百倍。但在中国,一旦拿到驾 照,人们就把学的东西都忘了,无视各种规则,想怎么开就怎么开,比如把车停在人行道上,反道行驶,没事按喇叭等等。中国超过50%的驾驶员都违反了交通规 则。在西方,我们必须驾驶法规,很少看见有人违章。




My wife tells me I'll have good luck when I sneeze.


I like this much, much more than hearing the tired, old "God bless you" common in the West.



Cupping therapy


Cupping therapy. My wife does dry Cupping Therapy and I understand it is an ancient practice but I don't see any benefits or results to it. I believe it is to draw bad blood to the surface of one's skin.



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