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UK Princess Kate stirs heated debate in China for looking immaculate hours after childbirth


The UK Princess Kate appeared on public to accept cheers and congratulations 10 hours after giving a birth to her second child, which made Chinese netizens feel rather curious. "Doesn't she need a month of confinement after childbirth?" In fact, it is not the first time she did so. Back in 2013, only one day after giving a birth to Prince George, she met with the media outdoors wearing short-sleeve dress. However, Chinese people treat confinement after childbirth seriously. So what do they think of such a practice? We found lots of comments on the internet which can be mainly divided into three points of view.

凯特王妃产下小公主后不到10小时就出现在公众面前接受大家的欢呼和祝贺,网友们好奇的是“她不用坐月子吗?”其实,凯特王妃不坐月子已经不是第一次了 ——生下乔治小王子第二天,她也是穿着短袖在室外与媒体见面!而在中国,“坐月子”被看得非常重要,那么,他们对凯特王妃不坐月子是怎么看的呢。我们在网上看到了很多网友的评论,大概可以分为以下三类。

View 1: Learn from Princess Kate


"I don't know what other women think. Anyway, I quite hate confinement after childbirth. I was asked to lie in bed all day long, even sitting up for a short time was criticized, not to mention going out of the room. TV, mobile phone and books were all forbidden. I couldn’t take a shower or brush my teeth. Even the food I ate was saltless, as salt was not allowed. All above made me really crazy. It is time to learn from Princess Kate and make a change in old childbirth traditions."

“我不知道别的女人怎么想,反正我挺讨厌坐月子,天天在床上躺着不能动,坐起来时间长了都会被说,更别想出门了。电视、手机、书都不能看,不能洗澡,牙都不给刷,吃的菜也都是没有味道的,因为说不能吃盐。真是快给憋疯了, 学习王妃好榜样嘛,坐月子的风气可以改改了.”

View 2: Traditional views should not be abandoned


More Chinese netizens think Chinese women should persist in confinement after childbirth. "Kate is the princess, everything is arranged long time before she is about to give a birth, she just need to appear for a few minutes on public and go back home right after. There must be a top post-natal nurse ready to take care of her and her baby. I have asked my foreign friends about the importance of confinement after childbirth, they say in fact Chinese way is more healthy. Although, comparing to Chinese people, many foreigners have stronger physique as they are used to eat red meat from early years, yet after having a baby foreign moms also become debilitated, so in some cases confinement after childbirth is necessary. Chinese often believe that human beings are shaped by the land around them. I think Chinese women should keep practicing confinement after childbirth , otherwise they might get some health problems, since foreigners’ nutrition habits and geographical environment are different from ours".


View 3: To improve the traditional confinement way


“I think confinement after childbirth nowadays is different from before and should be called “postpartum rehabilitation.” A sound rest after childbirth is very important, because it helps young moms to recover faster. However, some old traditional rules, such as prohibition to go out, take bath, wash hair or brush teeth should not be taken seriously. Staying in bed is not necessary as well. Some rules of Chinese traditional confinement after childbirth have to be improved, but since our physique is not that strong, a good postpartum rest and nursing is needed to avoid such problems, such as waist pains, legs and heels discomfort in the future.”

“我觉得现在坐月子已经跟以前不一样了吧? 现在应该叫科学产后恢复才对。”“产后好好休息调养是有必要的,有利于身体恢复。但是一些陋习要摒弃,例如不 出门、不洗头洗澡、不刷牙、必须卧床等等,应该提倡科学地坐月子。”“中国传统坐月子的规矩有必要修改一些,但是产后认真休养保养那也是应该的,咱真没有外国人那好身板,真那么干,将来落下腰疼、腿疼、脚后跟疼的毛病,那都得自己受着。”


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