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First Internet Conference to be Held in Wuzhen, China


As reported, the first World Internet Conference would be held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang in Nov. 19th to 21st. This conference is the largest in scale, highest in level ever hosted by China. Over 1000 people, including politicians, representatives of international organizations, CEOs of significant enterprises, internet elites, experts and scholars from nearly 100 countries are said to participate in this “Wuzhen Summit”.


This conference, themed as “mutual connecting, exchanging, sharing and ruling”, is said to be co-hosted by the State Internet Information Office and Government of Zhejiang, in the hope to construct an international platform for internet giants of the world to exchange ideas, to explore the rules of internet and to draw a mutual understanding of each other. 


The conference features four highlights:


First, it’s the first time for China to initiate and host world internet conference. The conference includes 8 parts and 13 sub-forums, covering major and important issues of fields of cyber space; 


Second, it’s also the first time that big heads of world cyber fields gather together to discuss the future of internet development;


Third, it’s the first time that China full discloses its ideas and achievements in the development of internet, and theme exhibitions of China’s development of internet would also be on display;


Fourth, it’s the first time to name the world internet summit with the name of a historic ancient town. 


The conference has made Wuzhen, China’s Historic and Cultural Town its permanent hosting site, aiming at integrating the most advanced achievements of world civilization with China’s traditional culture, painting a bright future for both modern informative civilization and traditional histories.



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