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Chinese women are more interested to travel alone


At least 43 percent of Chinese women have traveled alone, slightly higher than the worldwide average of 41 percent, according to the survey on female travel released on April 9 by TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel website. The survey was conducted to evaluate the travel habits of women, especially with regards to solo travel, and covered 10 countries and regions, including China, the U.S., the U.K., France, Germany, Italy and Spain.


Based on the survey, 85 percent of Chinese women compare prices on various travel websites before choosing hotels, higher than the world average at 57 percent. The survey also showed that a big number of women travelers, or 92 percent, regard online hotel reviews as important, while only 71 percent of Chinese women travelers believe so. This showed that most women travelers refer to hotel reviews to avoid bad experiences in hotel accommodation.


According to the survey, Chinese female travelers also check the hotel ratings but are more interested and guided by lower prices. It also showed that 84 percent of them have tried local food as a necessary activity when they travel alone, higher than that of the global average of 62 percent. In addition, 76 percent of Chinese female travelers are willing to join in cultural and scenic activities, compared to only 73 percent of global women travelers.


The survey also revealed interestingly that only 30 percent of Chinese women consider shopping as a must-do activity during their solo travel, lower than the world average of 43 percent.


"Globally speaking, solo travel has gradually become a trend among the young generation. And there is no denying that women must face the greater challenges of unknown environments by themselves on their solo trips in the future," TripAdvisor China President Zheng Jiali was quoted as saying.Most Chinese women traveling alone think of the influences that travel can bring and not only on the journey process, the survey showed.

就全球看来,一个人的旅行成了年轻一代间的趋势。无可否认,女性在未来独自旅行中会面对更大的未知环境的挑战。” 大多数中国独自旅行的女性会考虑旅行带来的影响,而不仅仅是旅行本身的过程。


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