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10 Chinese Street Foods And Drinks I Miss So Much

Without a doubt, China is one of the most adventurous countries when it comes to eating street food. There are some dishes available around which you would never consider edible in your home country. Some of them look really disgusting, but taste amazing so you should never judge Chinese food by its look.


When you come to China, be adventurous with food. Don’t limit yourself to eating only baozi, fruits, veggies and plain rice. Leave your food comfort zone and keep experimenting with different dishes – from baked bees to grilled snake meat.


Here is my top 10 Chinese street foods you simply can’t afford to miss when in China:




老外感慨10大中国小吃 包子.jpg

These are traditional Chinese dumplings. They are often steamed or fried and filled with a great voice of meat (pork, beef) and veggies (steamed peas, sweetcorn, chives, chopped carrot). Baozi are served with soy-based sauce, chilli, vinegar and sesame oil.




老外感慨10大中国小吃 饺子.jpg

Jiaozi are also Chinese dumplings, but crescent-shaped and much smaller than baozi. They are usually filled with minced stuffing and steamed and they are served boiled or fried.


3.Snake meat


老外感慨10大中国小吃 蛇肉.jpg

Snake meat is a delicacy served mainly in Guilin area, so if you make it to Li River nearby Yangshuo, you should not miss it. It’s a very delicious and soft dish which tastes like perfectly grilled fish. It is mainly served with deep fried veggies.


4.Snails and the beer


老外感慨10大中国小吃 田螺和啤酒.jpg

The snails, a very famous dish in Guilin, are usually served in shell and taste like a minced beef. They are cooked in beer and served with a bottle of beer as well. It’s very spicy, so be careful before digging in.


5.Duck and chicken feet


老外感慨10大中国小吃 鸡脚鸭脚.jpg

They are very spicy, but extremely delicious and convenient to pack for your train ride. They are served as a beer snack and usually deep fried, then steamed before being stewed.


6.Stinky tofu


老外感慨10大中国小吃 臭豆腐.jpg

Stinky tofu is a form of fermented tofu that has a strong odour. It is a snack that is usually sold at night markets or roadside stands or as a side dish.


7.Grilled chicks


老外感慨10大中国小吃 烧鸡.jpg

Vacuum-packed snack often eaten in local trains and buses. They are salt-baked or grilled. You might go for a spicy version or the mild one if it does not disgust you.


8.You tiao


老外感慨10大中国小吃 油条.jpg

It’s a very common breakfast in China. You tiao is simply deep fried bread stick made of dough and served hot as an accompaniment for rice congee or soy milk.


9.Baked sweet potatoes


老外感慨10大中国小吃 烤番薯.jpg

Great snack option for vegetarians. They are baked in a huge barrel in the street, extremely soft and dry so make sure you get them with soy milk or tea.


10.Fried noodles or rice


老外感慨10大中国小吃 炒面炒饭.jpg

Fried rice with vegetables and bean curd – a very common street food made by locals. The rice is served in bowls with meat and vegetables as toppings and adding some bean curd on top will make it taste even better.



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