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China tops in many high-speed rail aspects


China may be a latecomer in high-speed train construction, but some of its technologies are better than other countries’. For example, one exquisite technological requirement is that the surface of the rails that touches the wheels must be delicately clean while the track geometry should be smooth, because even the minutest flaw could shake a train considering its high speed.


This is just one of the areas in which China excels – the rails on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed train line are so smooth that the test train reached speeds of 380 kilometers an hour without any evident shaking.


On another technological index – degree of ride comfort – China’s high-speed trains’ record is good, too. Every train has to pass strict even severe tests before being pressed into service to ensure passengers enjoy the maximum comfort.


Many passengers who have traveled by high-speed trains in China and Europe say the former are better. On other indexes such as dynamic safety, too, China’s high-speed railways show good performance.


Besides, China’s high-speed railways cost the least in the world. It is globally acknowledged that, the cost of building high-speed railways is the lowest in China.


In October 2014, while bidding for the Boston subway program, China CNR Corporation Limited, quoted a price that was only about 60 percent that of its Japanese competitor Kawasaki Heavy Industries.


The incident prompted Japanese enterprises to accuse China of "dumping", albeit without any basis. China’s high-speed railways cost less because of the low cost of labor in the country. High-speed railways require civil and electrical engineering, and all kinds of physical labor, which cost much more in a fast aging society like Japan.


Also, the low cost of China’s high-speed railways has a lot to do with the lower requirement of profit.


Of course, the Japanese too have their advantages. Masaki Ogata, executive vice-chairman of East Japan Railway Company, said in a recent interview, Shinkansen technology can prevent damage to high-speed railways during earthquakes, and has advantages in environmental protection and noise control.

当然,日本也有自己的优势。东日本旅客铁道公司的执行副总Masaki Ogata介绍道,新干线技术在地震的时候能防止高铁损毁,在环保和降噪方面也有优势。

In short, China’s high-speed railways are good in quality and competitive in price, and will definitely be better in the future.



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