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China fines Mercedes for violating anti-monopoly

China fines Mercedes-Benz for violating anti-monopoly laws & price fixing.jpg

Chinese authorities fined Mercedes-Benz 350 million yuan (US$56 million) on Thursday for violating anti-monopoly laws and price fixing, investigators said.

调查人员说,上周四, 奔驰因违反反垄断法以及价格操纵收到中国政府3.5亿元(5600万美元)的罚单。

"After an investigation, Mercedes-Benz dealers in Jiangsu province were found to have implemented a fixed minimum price for E- and S-class vehicle parts in violation of the anti-monopoly law," said a statement from the Jiangsu province pricing bureau.


Minimum prices were also set for entire E- and S-class cars between January 2013 and July 2014, the statement said.



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