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Uber to introduce helicopter booking service in Hangzhou

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U.S.-based online taxi booking service Uber will introduce a helicopter service in Hangzhou, a tourist hub in East China's Zhejiang province, in May, local newspaper Morning Express reported Wednesday.


The helicopter service meets relevant aviation regulations and is now finalizing details, according to the report. Uber will work as a general aviation agent to facilitate supply and demand.


Wang Gang, marketing director of Uber's Hangzhou branch, said that at present there will only be one route available from Banyan Tree hotel, located in the Xixi wetland park, flying across West Lake and returning along Qiantang River.


The helicopter will have four to six seats, and the standard cost will be several thousand yuan for a 20-minute flight.

该直升机将有四到六个座位, 20分钟一班,标准费用将是几千元。

Uber's flight service is more like air travel, instead of regular transportation, the report says.


Many people say the price is too expensive, though some think it could be worthwhile for special occasions, such as a birthdays or anniversaries.


Zhejiang is a highly developed province and home to many private planes, mainly located in Hangzhou, Yiwu, Ningbo and Wenzhou.


A 5S shop for airplanes recently opened in Ningbo. 5S refers to a dealer that offers sales, surveys, spare parts, services and supplements in the same location.



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