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Chestnuts Roasted with Sugar

Chestnuts Roasted with Sugar



When autumn and winter come, the chestnut roasted with sugar is a delicacy right for the seasons. Here is the recipe. Select superior chestnuts. Put them in a pan with coarse sand and syrup in it. Then stir-fry them. The chestnut roasted with sugar looks nigger-brown and shimmers with oil. Its brittle husk shells easily, and its fruit tastes sweet and delicious. 


Of all chestnuts, those from Tianjin, also called Ganli, enjoy the best reputation. They are well-known both at home and abroad. Put sand in an iron cauldron and fry it with maltose on a fire. Then put chestnuts into the cauldron and stir-fry them. The husk of thoroughly cooked chestnuts turns reddish brown. After the husk is ridded, the fruit is soft, sweet and delicious, thus making the chestnut roasted with sugar a special snack. 



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