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Dandan Noodles

Dandan Noodles



Dandan noodles (noodles with spicy hot sauce), a famous snack of Chengdu, is prepared by rolling the dough into noodles, boiling the noodles and then tossing with fried minced pork. With thin noodles, sweet-smelling sauce and slightly hot taste, the noodles are very tasty. This dish is widely known in Sichuan and often served as a snack during dinner.

Among the various Dandan noodles, the most famous one is that offered by Chen Baobao, which was established in 1841 by a peddler named Chen Baobao in Zigong. Dandan noodles got its name in a simple way: noodles used to be sold in baskets by men carrying portable stoves on bamboo poles known as "dan". In the past, the peddlers selling Dandan noodles along the streets used a copper wok divided into two parts, one of which was used to cook noodles and the other to stew chicken or the upper pork legs. Nowadays, most of the Dandan noodles sold in places such as Chongqing, Chengdu and Zigong are served in restaurants but still retain the original flavor, especially the Dandan noodles offered in Chengdu.



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