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Double 11 shopping guides

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In the just past 11 November, China's online retail sales hit a record high. Preliminary data show that Double 11 has literally become China and even the world's biggest commercial promotion activities. Let's take a look at the double 11 shopping guides and see how many you were swept up in?

在刚刚过去的11月11日,我国网络零售额再创历史新高。初步数据显示,双 十一已名副其实地成为中国乃至全球最大规模的商业促销活动。下面我们就来看看 双11血拼攻略你中了多少枪?

For those who just love to shop online, the just past Nov 11 is the best time of the whole year, because Nov 11, China’s Singles’ Day, will see some seemingly irrational discounts, in line with the tradition that was started in 2010.

对于“网购迷”而言,刚刚过去的双十一正是一年中的最佳时机;因为按照这项始 于2010年的传统惯例,每年11月11日,也就是中国的“光棍节”这天,网上商品将 会疯狂打折。

Last year, Taobao, a major online shopping website, set a record of 1 billion yuan in sales on that day alone, with a whopping 19.1 billion yuan exchanging hands on the website. The number of items sold paralyzed the delivery services due to overloading. On the verge of yet another annual spending spree, it’s worth reading up on tricks and tips to make the most of the shopping carnival.

去年,淘宝网光棍节当天的销售额破纪录地达到10亿元人民币,该网站交易额更是 高达191亿元人民币。巨大的发货量几乎令整个快递业务难以负荷,接近瘫痪。现 在,一年一度的“双十一”血拼日又要到了;为了乐享这场购物嘉年华,有必要补 习一下网购技巧与小贴士。

1.Select goods early and rationally


Put everything you want in the "shopping cart" to make a list of potential purchases. Then go through it carefully, removing anything you selected on impulse.

把你喜欢的货品统统放到“购物车”中,生成一个购物清单,然后再仔细筛选一遍 ,删除那些因一时冲动而拍下的货品。

2.Seal a deal in advance


Talk to service staff as early as possible. They may have already decided on a discount policy for Nov 11 and may even ship the product to you in advance, which is a good way to avoid the heavy online traffic on the special day.

尽早询问网店客服。他们可能已经定下了双十一的打折政策,甚至还有可能提前发 货给你,这就很好地避免了双十一当天的网络拥堵。

3.Manage your budget


Popular items will be in strong demand, so make sure you’re ready to pay with the simplied procedures. It’s best to deposit money in your Alipay account so that you can pay without going through lengthy verifications. If you’re planning on using a credit card, please call the bank to apply for more credit, but only spend as much as you can afford.

热销产品需求量大,因此要确保支付流程越简单越好。最好预先给支付宝充值,这 样你不必通过繁琐的验证程序便可轻松付款了。如果你打算划信用卡,可以打电话 给银行,申请提高信用额度,但是要量力而行,不要超支。

4.Look at the real items.


With many products, such as shoes and clothes, it’s better to look at them first to check their quality, size and appearance and ensure you’re buying the right one.

对于包括服装和鞋在内的很多商品而言,最好先查看一下实物的质量、大小和外观 ,以确保拍下的宝贝适合你。

5.Be smart


It’s all all about timing. According to Alipay, you may confront with network congestionon during several peak hours, which may lead to transactions failure. Consequently, try to avoid the following time spans: 12 pm-1:30 am, 10-11 am, 3-5 pm, and 8-10 pm.

支付宝方面称,在几个上网高峰期中,你很有可能遭遇网络拥堵,最终导致交易失 败。因此,尽量避免以下几个时段:晚12点-凌晨1点30分、上午10点-11点、下午3 点-5点、晚8点-10点。

6.Apps as a helping hand


Smartphone apps like Huihui Shopping assist can list you the best cost performance website, while Yitao, a software which is developed by Alibaba, compares the prices of selected items across different websites to bring you the best item.

诸如“惠惠购物助手”这样的智能手机应用能推荐哪些网站的性价比最高,而由阿 里巴巴研发的软件——“一淘”则会针对你所选择的物品进行网络比价,将最实惠 的商品推荐给你。

7.Track and open your package


Because of the huge demand, delivery mistakes are inevitable, so try to track the package. If the product is perishable, keep the tracking record in case of a dispute. When the package arrives, check the item carefully before signing for it. Now you can wait patiently and enjoy the joys of receiving expresses!

由于需求量巨大,物流难免会出错,因此要设法跟踪包裹。如果你购买的物品易变 质,就要保留跟踪记录,以防发生购物纷争。包裹送达时,签字之前先要仔细检查 物品。好了,现在就耐心等待并尽情享受收快件的乐趣吧!


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