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China’s Haier unveils portable washing machine that’s smaller than a wine glass

China's Haier unveils portable washing machine that's smaller than a wine glass 海尔便携洗衣机比酒杯还小.jpg

Are you a messy eater, who always ends up with bits of food or stains splattered on their clothing?


Then perhaps a new pocket washing machine – believed to be the world's smallest – is the answer to your problems.


The newly designed Coton handy washer, produced by Chinese electronics firm Haier, is the same-size as an electric shaver and can remove anything from dirt to those dreaded red wine stains.


It is powered by three AAA batteries and aims to prevent those frustratingly long waits in the dry cleaners by targeting troublesome stains such as coffee, grass or oil.


The device, created by AQUA (a subsidiary of Haier Group in China), is already flying off the shelves in Japan where it costs 10,800 Yen or £60.

该产品由 AQUA (中国海尔集团的分公司)创造,已经在日本被抢购一空,售价为10800日元(折合60英镑)。

The portable gadget – which weighs just 200g – uses a method called 'squeeze washing' which removes stains in 30 seconds.


It works by first applying liquid detergent on a piece of kitchen paper, before washing over it with the nozzle of the Coton device.


It then pumps a small amount of water over the stain at 700 beats a minute.


Although this pocket-sized device is thought to be the smallest washing machine created, it is not the first invention aimed at cleaning clothes on the go.


In 2013, Australian Ash Newland created the 'Scrubba', a small bag that can wash laundry in just five minutes.


The £41 wash bag, which looks like nothing more than an average canvas bag, is made from a waterproof material and contains a flexible washboard which cleans away any dirt.


When three litres of water, liquid soap, and dirty washing are added to the bag, a user has to simply fold and fasten it closed, and rub it to clean the clothes inside.



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