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China’s capsule hotels charges only £7 a night

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Welcome to China's bleak capsule hotels whereyoung travellers pay £7 a night to sleep in pods only just big enough to liedown.


China's minute capsule hotels are gleaning popularity with young travellers due to their very affordable price tags.


The Space Capsule hotel, in Taiyuan, in the Shanxiprovince, is one of many to open up in China,after the trend for sleep pods began in Japan, decades ago.


Each of the pokey rooms measure a mere 4.3feet by 6.6 feet, but costs just under £7 ($10.59) per night to stay in, makingthem a tempting prospect for budget travellers and young people.


The 5,200 square-foot building consists of86 fibreglass capsules in nine rooms, each named after star signs to reflectthe space theme.


Along with a simple bed, the rooms containa mirror, television, smoke detector, coat hook and fold-down computer desk.


Each is also equipped with is a plugsocket, smoke detector and a fan.There's a wireless network for those who wishto stay connected, and even a selection of soundproofed capsules reserved forpeople who snore.


According to Chinese newspaper, Xinhua, thehotel manager Xu Meijang was inspired to open the unusual business by thepopularity of sleep pod hotels in Japan and by the number of generally young travellers requiring an affordable night's stay in the area.



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