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£100,000 five-storey homes made using construction waste in China

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They may look like your average building sites, but these houses were created with nothing more than a 3D printer.


The houses, one of which is five-storey high, were created in an industrial park in China's Jiangsu province using new 3D printing technology.


The incredible engineering, by Shanghai WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co., was pioneered ten months ago when the company printed ten buildings – costing just £3,100 – entirely out of concrete using a giant printer.


Now they have taken the technology further to build the first 3D printed villas and the tallest ever 3D printed building.


The homes are created using a printer which is 21ft tall, 32ft wide, and 500ft long, according to 3ders.


The 'ink' used is a mixture of recycled construction waste, glass, steel and cement which is sprayed on layer by layer until a thick wall is created.


Ma Yi He, CEO of WinSun, explained that the construction industry produces a large amount of carbon emissions, but with 3D printing, waste material can be recycled.


This process also means that construction workers are at less risk of coming into contact with hazardous materials.


The new technology could also lead to the building sites of the future could be far less noisy, more clean and easier on the eye.


The process is expensive, but at £100,000 a house the properties are cheaper than theaverage home.


The display site also featured a single-story house pre-ordered by the Egyptian government, which will soon be shipped to its owner.


Mr. Ma said: 'This house was printed within a single day, and is part of a total order of 20,000 units.'



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