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Baidu developing digital eyewear similar to Google glass

百度开发电子眼镜 与谷歌眼镜类似.jpg

Baidu Inc, China's largest search engine, is developing prototype digital eyewear similar to Google Inc's Google Glass that will leverage Baidu's strengths in image search and facial recognition, a Baidu spokesman said on Wednesday.


Internally known as project "Baidu Eye", the glasses are being tested internally and it is not clear whether the product will ever be commercialised, said Kaiser Kuo, Baidu's spokesman.

百度发言人郭怡广表示,百度内部将该项目称为“Baidu Eye”。百度眼镜正在进行内测,不清楚该产品是否会商业化。

Kuo said the device will be mounted on a headset with a small LCD screen and will allow users to make image and voice searches as well as conduct facial recognition matches.


"What you are doing with your camera, for example, taking a picture of a celebrity and then checking on our database to see if we have a facial image match, you could do the same thing with a wearable visual device," Kuo said.


Kuo said comparisons to Google Glass were premature as Baidu has not decided whether or not to commercialize the product.


"We haven't decided whether it is going to be released in any commercial form right now, but we experiment with every kind of technology that is related to search," Kuo said. Kuo declined to comment on the other functions of the Baidu Eye or whether Baidu is working on other forms of wearable technology.

“我们现在还没有决定是否会以任何商业形式发布该产品,但是我们对所有与搜索相关的技术进行测试。”郭怡广说道。他拒绝评论“Baidu Eye”的其他功能,以及百度是否在开发其他形式的可佩戴技术。


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