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Dialogue between Bill Gates, Li Yanhong and Elon Musk on Boao Forum


Boao Forum for Asia is annual festival for political and business leaders, the focus on internet leaders was boosted since the “internet +” was raised by premier Li Keqiang in this March. Three internet technology giant leaders, Bill Gates, Li Yanhong and Elon Musk had a dialogue at the forum, they all had much interested in artificial intelligence. We try to find out what the logic behind this.

Baidu is sparing no efforts in artificial intelligence research, Young Marshal Plan was just established to focus in the fields of intelligent voice, image recognition and Baidu brain. The plan was leaded by young scientists and researchers. Joined by former Google learning scientists Andrew NG, Baidu’s investment on artificial intelligence is remarkable. Bill Gates said before, if he does not work in charity after retirement, he will definitely lead a team to do artificial intelligence research. Microsoft released artificial intelligence system named Adam in April 2014, which help Microsoft to compete with Google in the field. While Musk once said that artificial intelligence is evil, it will destroy the modern technology. It is indicated that Musk believes that artificial intelligence is powerful enough.

1.Explosive mass date needs artificial intelligence

The development of artificial intelligence experienced some upsdowns, the last down is neural network technology issue. But the key breakthrough of technology and mass data once again bring more attentions recently. How to use the mass data is still a challenge, as Ma Yun said, we are transforming from IT era to DT era. Another technology leaders, Lei Jun said that if Xiaomi cannot commercialized the user data, Xiaomi will not survive. Alibaba also made the secret department IDST public. So great thinks alike, how to take advantage of mass data will depends on artificial intelligence.

2.The upgrade of networking development needs artificial intelligence

It is undoubted that all things shall be connected by networking in the future. Human being to human being ,human being to thing, the next step is things to things connections. For example, an automotive driving car needs monitoring system on the road, and also the connection to other cars. The control and coordination can only depends on artificial intelligence. Automotive driving is impossible without artificial intelligence. The ultimate goal of Tesla is automotive driving, so Musk need artificial intelligence, whatever he called it. While Google and Baidu both attempted in this field. Artificial intelligence might benefit our daily life when a cup, refrigerator and washer are connected. The essence of artificial intelligence is to release human being and help us make a decision more affective. So we have good reason to expect the development of artificial intelligence.


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