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How has China changed you?


Editor's note: Adapting to life in a different country can be quite difficult, but overtime you realize how much the country is changing you. The things you thought weird at the beginning may be the stuff of your everyday routine. Here are a few of the ways our Forum readers think their lifestyles have changed during their China stay. You're also welcome to share your thoughts.

1. Drinking warm and hot water.

2. Eating watermelon with a spoon and putting pineapple in salty water.

3. Using chopsticks more in both cooking and eating

4. Being very open about salary.

5. Cooking too many dishes even when I'm cooking Western food.

6. Not getting angry with queue jumpers.

7. Cycling like the roads are an obstacle course race.

8. Showering before bed.

9. Taking off shoes before entering a house.

10. Eating a lot of intestine, liver, kidney, etc.


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