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Amazon launched direct shipping for China cross-border online shoppers


Amazon China announced the official launch of the direct shipping service and a Chinese website for Chinese shopping overseas.

From now on, Amazon US, Germany, Spain, France, UK and Italy, all provide direct shipping to China. Chinese consumers can select from these six overseas sites with over 80 million products in footwear, apparel, maternal and child health and nutrition, and personal care product categories.

More country sites and product categories will be made available to Chinese online shoppers.

Amazon overseas direct shipping can help consumers quickly deal with customs clearance procedures, and provide a standard, accelerated, and express delivery services.

In order to attract Chinese consumers, Amazon US site also sharply lowered its direct shipping charge to China and shortened delivery time to an average of 9 to 15 days; the fastest shipping takes only three working days. Some China internet users already observed the reduced shipping charge of some products at Amazon US store in September 2014.

According to Amazon, not all Chinese intenret users visiting Amazon China will see the “Oversea Shopping” store and it’s uncertain when Amazon will open this to all visitors. Amazon China announced a tripartite memorandum of understanding with China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone (FTZ) and Shanghai Information Investment Co. in August 2014.

Amazon China is among China’s top online B2C platform though it has a small market share. Amazon will also launch its Double 11 campaign this year offering promotions of brands from over 300 countries.


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