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China becomes world’s largest buyer of industrial robots

China becomes world's largest buyer of industrial robots 中国去年成全球工业机器人最大买家.jpg

China, once the manual labour “workshop of the world”, has become the largest buyer of industrial robots, as rising wage costs and growing competition from emerging economies have forced manufacturers to turn to technology.        

The country bought one in five robots sold globally in 2013, overtaking tech-savvy Japan for the first time, in its attempt to drive productivity gains.    

China bought 36,560 industrial robots last year, a rise of almost 60 per cent against 2012, according to new figures from the International Federation of Robotics, an industry group based in Germany. Japan bought 26,015 robots in 2013, with the US in third place with 23,679.    

根据设在德国的行业组织——国际机器人联合会(International Federation of Robotics,简称IFR)的数据,2013年中国购买了36560台工业机器人,较2012年增加了近60%。2013年,日本购买工业机器人26015台,排在第三位的美国的购买量为23679台。
“China has the fastest-growing robot market. In a few years time China will be significantly larger than the second and third largest robot market,” said Per Vegard Nerseth, head of robotics for ABB.    

“中国已成为增长最快的机器人市场。几年之后,中国机器人市场的规模将远远大于全球第二大、第三大市场,”ABB机器人部主管倪思德(Per Vegard Nerseth)表示。     

Robot sales to China have increased 36 per cent, on average, every year from 2008 to 2013, according to IFR data. The further growth potential is huge: in 2012, China had just 23 robots for every 10,000 people employed in the manufacturing industry, compared with 396 in South Korea.    


The increased demand for robots in China is being driven primarily by large multinational manufacturers, especially in the automotive sector. China’s car industry, the world’s largest, accounts for about 60 per cent of robot demand in the country, according to research by management consultancy Solidiance.    



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