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US slaps duties on Chinese steel wire imports

US slaps duties on Chinese steel wire imports 美国拟对中国钢材征反倾销关税.jpg

The US has hit China with another trade penalty.        

A month after imposing sanctions on Chinese makers of solar panels, the US Department of Commerce placed duties of as much as 110 per cent on carbon and alloy steel wire rods imported from China, according to a preliminary decision on Tuesday.    

Chinese producers of the wire rods, which can be used to make nails and chain link fences, will be forced to pay a cash deposit when the wire arrives in the US.   

The rate represents the level below fair market value the department says Chinese makers have sold the wire for.    

The tariffs, which could be made permanent in November, are set at 106 per cent for manufacturers specifically probed by Commerce and 110 per cent for all other Chinese producers.    

Fresh tariffs are the latest in a protracted fight between the two trade partners. Commerce has aggressively targeted solar panel makers in China, who had shifted manufacturing to Taiwan in a bid to avoid taxes.    

ArcelorMittal, Gerdau Ameristeel, Charter Steel, Keystone Consolidated Industries and Nucor Corporation were among the companies that petitioned for the investigation.   

安赛乐米塔尔、Gerdau Ameristeel、Charter Steel、Keystone Consolidated Industries和纽柯钢铁公司等公司请求美国商务部发起了上述调查。


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