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Growth slows in Chinese students heading to US

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Growth in the number of Chinese enrolled in US higher education has dropped to its slowest rate in seven years.        

But China remains the biggest country of origin for international students at US universities and growth remains in double digits, according to a report published yesterday by the Institute of International Education and the US state department.    

但据美国国际教育协会(Institute of International Education)和美国国务院(US State Department)昨日公布的报告,中国仍然是美国大学国际留学生的最大生源国,且增长率仍然维持在两位数。
The number of international students in the US grew 8 per cent to 886,000 this year, with growth driven mainly by Chinese and especially mainland undergraduates, the report said.    

Chinese student enrolments rose 16.5 per cent this year to nearly 275,000, down from 20 per cent growth or more every year since 2007. Undergraduate numbers rose 18 per cent, down from a 26 per cent rise the previous year. The IIE also found that the growth in total Chinese graduate student numbers in the most recent academic year – defined mostly as Chinese holding student visas – also slowed, to nearly 12 per cent from 17 per cent the previous year.    

Last week the US Council of Graduate Schools said the number of Chinese first-time enrolments at postgraduate level had fallen slightly for the first time in at least a decade. The council’s figures relate to admissions for the current academic year, and are more recent than the numbers in the IIE report released yesterday.    

上周,美国研究生院委员会(US Council of Graduate Schools)公布数据称,在美国研究生院首次注册的中国留学生数量轻微下滑,为至少10年来首次。该委员会公布的数据与最近一个学年的入学情况相关,较国际教育协会昨天公布的数据更近。
Chinese education experts say factors such as the country’s anti-corruption campaign, changing employment trends and aggressive recruitment policies adopted by leading Chinese universities to keep students at home are slowing the growth in the number of students going to the US.    

“Under previous regimes, the government was really supportive of study abroad, especially at the graduate level, and offered generous scholarships and actively promoted those who had studied abroad. President Xi Jinping seems to have a completely different attitude,” said Jiang Xueqin, an education consultant. “He [Mr Xi] has severely limited the opportunities for officials to travel and study abroad. In fact, young and ambitious Chinese government officials are increasingly afraid to study abroad, lest it ruins their chances to rise in the bureaucracy.”    



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