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Diagnoses via Internet need proper treatment


The National Health and
Family Planning Commission, the top health authority, stressed it has
not given the green light to online medical diagnoses and treatment
advice out of concerns for patients' safety. Comments:

The authority should pay more attention and draft rules to place
Internet-based online medical diagnoses and treatments under effective
supervision as soon as possible. It is wrong to strangle a new industry
that people want just because the authority does not know how to
administrate it.

Qing Huaci, a netizen in a comment posted on paper.cn, April 13

The development of Internet technology has brought about many new
situations in the industry. Relevant rules and policies will be
constantly improved to adapt to the new changes.

Song Shuli, spokesperson of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, April 12

The Internet cannot meet the requirements of doctors making
diagnoses. The doctors cannot diagnose their patients properly via the
Internet or a phone call. But the Internet can serve as a platform for
medical consultations.

Rao Keqin, Party chief of the Chinese Medical Association, April 13

It is necessary for the authority to say no to Internet-based medical
diagnoses and treatments. TV medical advertisements and medical care
programs should also be better regulated, because some quacks just
prescribe the same medicines for patients without even any diagnosis.

Li Mingming, a netizen commenting on China National Radio, April 13


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