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How China is disrupting the mobile and CE markets


Anyone in the tech industry has heard of Xiaomi and OnePlus by now.


And if you have been in a media black hole, here is a quick education on these Chinese smartphone companies: Xiaomi has surpassed both Apple and Samsung as the No. 1 smartphone in China, and OnePlus this month announced U.S. pre-orders for its ultra-low-cost, high-quality smartphone OnePlus One, which is winning rave reviews.

如果你从来都没有关注科技媒体的话,下面给大家简单介绍一下这些来自中国的智能手机公司:小米已经超过了苹果和三星,成为中国销量最高的智能手机;一加手机在这个月向美国开放了超高性价比智能手机 OnePlus One,这款手机获得了外界的一致好评。

But there are thousands more phones, tablets, smartwatches, wearables and accessories coming from China into the U.S. market. Unbranded, unlocked and built by the same factories that are making the world’s top mobile and consumer electronics devices, these devices provide top-notch manufacturing and design for a fraction of the cost of global brands we’re familiar with.


And it’s not just electronics. The industry is seeing strong and increasing sales of direct product imports across health and beauty, weddings and events, fashion/apparel and even automotive.


Two of the highest-volume products imported will definitely surprise you: hair and wedding dresses. That’s right, there is a huge market for human hair, and for women with extensions and weaves, and it’s expensive to upkeep. But not when you source directly from China. Custom-fitted wedding dresses from China will set brides back a few hundred dollars, not thousands. The commonality again is pricing and affordability, while still buying quality products.

其中两种进口量最大的产品肯定会让你感到意外:头发和婚纱。你没听错,其实人头发产业拥有一个非常巨大的市场, 对于接发和织发的女性来说,头发保养是一笔不少的费用,但是如果直接从中国进口头发就会便宜得多。来自中国的定制婚纱只需几百美金就可以买到,而国内的婚纱可能需要10倍的价钱。中国产品的一个共性是可以用较低的价格买到质量不错的产品。

So why should big brands be worried?


Manufacturing. The world’s top brands already source their products from China. It is the largest exporting nation to the tune of $2.2 trillion in goods last year. We’ve created a manufacturing mecca in China – driving world-class facilities and manufacturing expertise. No other nation has the breadth of experience and facilities to build the volume and quality of products driven out of China today.

产品制造:全球一流的品牌都将自己的产品放到中国制造。中国是世界上最大的商品出口国,它在去年的商品出口额 达到2.2万亿美元。在我们的推动之下,中国已经成为了制造业的圣地——拥有世界级的代工厂和制造能力。世界上没有另外一个国家能够达到中国的制造能力和工厂的水平,而且也做不出如此大量的高质量产品。

Pricing. Consumers are already realizing they don’t need to spend premium dollars for branded goods, and these cost-conscious consumers now have options. OnePlus is offering its 64 GB unlocked OnePlus One phone, with a 5.5” screen, 13 MP Sony Exmor camera and 5 MP front camera for just $349. Compare that to $849 for Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus equivalent.

价格:现在的消费者已经发现自己其实不需要花大价钱购买名牌产品,这些精打细算的消费者现在有了新的选择。一加手机的OnePlus One是一款无锁手机,它配有64GB容量,一款5.5寸的屏幕、1300万像素的索尼Exmor摄像头和500万像素的前置摄像头,而它的售价仅为349美元。比较之下,同等配置的苹果iPhone 6 Plus要卖849美元。

Direct Distribution. Currently, Xiaomi does not sell into the U.S. market, and OnePlus is taking preorders – but with direct access to China goods via cross-border e-commerce channels, U.S. consumers and small businesses are now sourcing products directly from China, with no markups, no marketing overhead, no middlemen. Right now, any U.S. consumer or SMB can source essentially any product they can imagine direct from Chinese manufacturers with fast and reliable shipping through e-commerce sites.


Is the average consumer today aware of cross-border e-commerce options? No, not yet. But as Chinese brands continue to become more savvy in their marketing, and innovative in their design and feature offerings, cross-border trade will continue to allow them to gain mind and market share with consumers and small businesses.


In the meantime, domestic distributors and wholesalers are getting squeezed out as SMBs are directly sourcing bulk Chinese electronics to stock in their U.S. storefronts nationwide. Armed with quality electronics for a fraction of the price, the little guys can offer unique products and price points to compete with big-box and big brands.



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