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How to learn Chinese numbers quickly using wild association


This article will teach you how to easily remember the pronunciation and characters of the Chinese (Mandarin) numbers from 0 to 9 using stories and other associations.

1  Use the above picture to help you remember the pronunciations and Chinese characters for the numbers 0-9.

2  Use the following visualizations to further entrench your memorization:

1 一 is so Easy and sounds like E.

2 二 sounds like R.

3 三 sounds like the first part of sandwich and looks like one.

4 四 four is 四. Force yourself to pronounce the ce part harder and remember that it looks like a window with curtains.

5 五 sounds like "woo", 三 + 二 (with the direction changed) = 五.

6 六 is a happy dancing boy named Leo and Leo is six.

7 七 sounds like first part of cheese. Write 7 upside down.

8 八 looks like papa's mustache and papa likes going to the bar.

9 九 is Joe, a drunk person kneeling down on the ground.

0 〇 sounds like first part of link, linking zeroes together.

3  Reinforce your understanding. Practice the above wild associations to help you learn how to say and write the Chinese numbers.

4  Use pinyin to help your pronunciation.[1] It will become better and better.


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