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This section consists of 9 lessons, with the emphasis on words about ball games, outdoor activities, interests & hobbies, seasons, weather and animals. It is a course featured by the utterly basic and common Chinese words. Word teaching is supplemented by vivid interpretation with illustrations and cartoons. Plenty of exercises and Chinese character instructions are attached to help you learn Chinese in an all-round way. One article about Chinese culture goes with each lesson lead you to know about China deeply. The experienced TCFL (Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language) teacher Vicky offers a light-hearted interpretation of the words, and interacts with you in the ever-interesting games.

Target group

  • The “Vocabulary course – Social topics ” is suitable for every Chinese beginner.
  • Foreigners all age that want to learn Chinese quickly and build up your vocabulary in social topics are recommended to learn by this course.
  • People who love Chinese and want to visit China or study in China can learn this course for the start.


By learning the course, you will be able to expand your Chinese vocabulary and promote your communication skill in Chinese rapidly.

  • You’ll be able to grasp the communication skills for life in China.
  • You will able to have a conversation about ball games, outdoor activities, interests & hobbies, seasons, weather and animals with Chinese people, Chinese people love to talk about them!
  • You will get to know related culture knowledge for communication with Chinese people.
  • Be ready for our Chinlingo 1-on-1 live Chinese course on Chinlingo website.
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Course Curriculum

Vocabulary-Social Topics
Social Topics Lesson 1: Ball GamesFREE 00:04:06
Social Topics Lesson 2: Outdoor Activities 00:03:18
Social Topics Lesson 3: Interests & Hobbies (1) 00:03:01
Social Topics Lesson 4: Interests & Hobbies (2) 00:03:35
Social Topics Lesson 5: Seasons 00:04:08
Social Topics Lesson 6: Weather Conditions (1) 00:04:03
Social Topics Lesson 7: Weather Conditions (2) 00:04:09
Social Topics Lesson 8: Temperature 00:03:44
Social Topics Lesson 9: Animals 00:03:46

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