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5 ways to learn Chinese quickly|5种快速学习汉语的方式




The boom in learning Chinese continues to rise, but it takes time, patience, and practice to learn it well.

Here are the five methods we have summarized to quickly learn Chinese. Let’s learn it!


  1. 学习基础汉语拼音:学习拼音是学习汉语的第一步。掌握拼音后,你可以更好地发音和拼读汉字。

Learning basic Chinese pinyin: Learning pinyin is the first step in learning Chinese. After mastering pinyin, you can better pronounce and spell Chinese characters.

  1. 学习汉字汉字是汉语的基本单件 通过学习常用汉学你可以逐渐理解况语的结构和含义。

Learning Chinese characters and characters is a basic part of the Chinese language. By learning common Chinese studies, you can gradually understand the structure and meaning of situational language.

  1. 多读多写:多读和多写是提高汉语水平的关键。通过阅读中文书籍文章、新闻等,可以加深对汉语的理解。同时,多练习汉字书写,可以巩固汉字记忆

Read and write more: Reading and writing more is the key to improve Chinese. By reading Chinese books, articles, news, and so on, we can deepen our understanding of Chinese. At the same time, practicing Chinese character writing can consolidate the memory of Chinese characters.

  1. 学习语法:汉语语法与英语语法有很大不同,了解汉语的基本语法规则,有助于更好地掌握汉语。

Learning grammar: Chinese grammar is very different from English grammar. Understanding the basic grammar rules of Chinese will help to better master Chinese.

  1. 学习听力和口语,通过观看中文电影电视节目听中文歌曲等,此外,与母语为汉语的人进行口语交流可以提高你的口语表达能力。

Learn listening and oral language, by watching Chinese movies, and TV programs, listening to Chinese songs, etc. In addition, oral communication with native Chinese speakers can improve your oral expression ability

  1. 汉语学习平台,线上一对一学习。可以针对性的、快速地提高汉语水平。例如, Chinlingo – Learn Chinese Online

Chinese learning website, online one-to-one learning. It can improve the Chinese level pertinently and quickly, like Chinlingo – Learn Chinese Online.




Please remember that learning Chinese takes time and patience. Keep practicing and you will come to master the language.


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