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Are You EMO today? | 别再emo了


What is emo?



Emo /ˈiːmoʊ/是Emotional Hardcore的缩写,翻译成中文是“情绪硬核”,这是一种以强调(qiáng diào)情感表达的摇滚音乐流派。


Emo /ˈiːmoʊ/, which stands for Emotional Hardcore. Emo is a rock music genre characterized by an emphasis on emotional expression.





But, recently, emo has re-emerged as a buzzword in China. Young people are using it every day. #Are you emo today?# is the hottest topic now.


网民们用emo来表达他们突然的悲伤情绪,大到失恋,小到丢东西,生活中遇到一切不如意的事他们都会说 “我emo了”。


People use emo to express their sudden sadness, from breaking up, to losing something,they say “I’m emo” for everything in life that doesn’t go their way




How to use emo?



The ice cream I just bought fell on the floor, I’m emo.




There are too much work to do, I’m emo.




In fact, emo expresses not only sadness, but also a hint of self-mockery.


How to get rid of emo?



Recently, #No More Emo# has been a trending topic on Weibo.Many people have come up with ways to get rid of emo.



Get into nature and go out with friends more often.



Go to bed early, get up early, exercise properly, and develop a good routine.



Make a daily plan and leave no time for emo.



每个人都有伤心的时候,一切都会变好的,chinlingo 始终和你在一起。

Everyone has their sad moments, but everything will be ok, chinlingo is always with you.

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