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Chinese people do not eat watermelon rind?|中国人不吃西瓜皮?


Recently, a video of South Koreans complaining that Chinese people don’t eat watermelon rind has spread rapidly on the Internet. The reason is that South Koreans were shocked to learn that Chinese people don’t eat watermelon rind and complained that Chinese people waste food.



So do Chinese people really not eat watermelon rind?



Of course not! As a nation of cuisine, China has a food culture that stretches for thousands of years and has a unique research and understanding of cuisine.




Watermelons have a variety of eating methods in China. Small watermelons can be cooked as a dish, watermelon pulp can be used for juicing, watermelon seeds can be used as snacks, watermelon rind can be used for candy, etc.




So how do you say different parts of watermelon in Chinese?


  1. 西瓜皮   xī guā píwatermelon rind
  2. 西瓜瓤   xī guā ráng   watermelon pulp
  3. 西瓜籽   xī guā zǐ     watermelon seeds
  4. 西瓜汁   xī guā zhī      watermelon juice

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