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Traditional Chinese Folk Art—Lion Dance| 中国民间传统艺术—舞狮


Lion dance is an excellent folk art in China, also known as “Taiping Music” in ancient times. Lion dance can be divided into north and south, and the southern lion is also called the waking lion.



The lion is made of colored cloth strips. Each lion is usually performed by two people, one at the head and the other at the tail.


Lion dancing is considered to be an auspicious Swiss for exorcising evil spirits. Lion dancing must be used for fun every festival or major event. Lion dance activities are also widely spread in overseas Chinese communities



Lion dance is a cultural bridge for overseas compatriots to recognize their ancestors and return to their ancestors, and its cultural value and influence are very profound.


Key words

舞狮  wǔ shī    Lion Dance

文化  wén huà    culture

节日  jié rì      festival

吉祥  jí xiáng    auspicious

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