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How do Chinese college students travel recently?|中国大学生最近流行旅游方式



In China, a new type of tourism has gradually become popular among college students–“Special Forces” tourism plan for college students




The special soldiers tourism plan for college students is a special tourism method, which aims to make college students experience the challenges and fun of special soldiers training in the process of enjoying tourism.



This way aims to punch in the most cities in the least time and experience the speed and passion of tourism.





This kind of tourism can improve the comprehensive quality: the special forces tourism plan can improve the physical quality, psychological quality and leadership ability of college students, and lay a solid foundation for their future development.


Key words

特种兵  tè zhǒng bīng   Special Forces

旅游   lǚ yóu         travel

大学生  dà xué shēng  college student

计划   jì huà        plan

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