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You Need to Wear This Type of Mask!丨不同人群该用什么样的口罩?


Recently, many overseas students and friends inquires us about how to choose masks. Hereon, Chinlingo suggests that to choose the suitable mask by following suggestion to protect yourself.

1.Higher-risk exposure person

(一)人员类别 Personnel Category
1.所有在新型冠状病毒肺炎患者的病房、ICU和留观室工作的人员;1.All staff working in wards, ICUs and observation rooms of patients with novel coronavirus pneumonia;2.疫区发热门诊的医生和护士;2.Doctors and nurses in the fever clinic of the epidemic area;
(二)防护建议 Protective Suggestions
1.医用防护口罩;1.Medical protective mask;

2.Wear goggles or protective face screen when treating the infected person.

2.High-risk exposure person
(一)人员类别 Personnel Category
1.急诊科工作医护人员等;1.Emergency department staff, etc;
(二)防护建议 Protective Suggestions
符合N95/KN95及以上标准的颗粒物防护口罩。PM respirator with N95/KN95 and above standard.KN95(Chinese standard)N95(USA standard)

3.Medium-risk exposure person
(一)人员类别 Personnel Category
1.普通门诊、病房工作医护人员等;1.General outpatient service, ward work medical staff, etc;2.人员密集场所的工作人员;2.Staff in crowded places;3.与疫情相关的从业人员;

3.Epidemic situation related practitioners;


4.Persons isolated from their home and those peoples who living with them.

(二)防护建议 Protective Suggestions
医用外科口罩Medical surgical masks

4.Low-risk exposure person
(一)人员类别 Personnel Category
1.超市、商场、交通工具、电梯等人员密集区的公众;1.The public whose in crowded areas such as supermarkets, shopping malls, vehicles and elevators;2.室内办公环境;2.Indoor office environment;3.医疗机构就诊(除发热门诊)的患者;

3.Patients receiving medical treatment (except fever clinic) from medical institutions;


4.Students and childrens who has collective learning and activities.

(二)防护建议 Protective Suggestions
佩戴一次性医用口罩(儿童选用性能相当产品)。Wear disposable medical mask (children choose similar products).

5.Lower-risk exposure person
(一)人员类别 Personnel Category
1.在家中活动或散居的居民;1.Residents living at their homes or scattered;2.户外活动者,包括空旷场所/场地的儿童、学生;2.Outdoor activities, including open space/field of children, students;3.通风良好工作场所的工作者。

3.Workers in a well-ventilated workplace.

(二)防护建议 Protective Suggestions
通风良好和人员密度低的场所可不佩戴口罩。非医用口罩,如棉纱、活性炭和海绵等口罩具有一定防护效果,也有降低咳嗽、喷嚏和说话等产生的飞沫播散的作用,可酌情选用。Masks are not required to wear in home or places with good ventilation and low personnel density. Non-medical masks, such as cotton, activated carbon and sponge masks have a certain protective effect, but also reduce the cough, droplet spread  effect produced by the sneeze and talk, can be selected as appropriate.

Types of masks 

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If you have trouble with getting masks, please contact us for help.

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