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Social media words in Chinese|社交媒体里的汉语

Nowadays social media is very popular within young people, it becomes a indispensible applications in our life, but do you know how to express social media word in Chinese? Follow me to learn it.

微信   wēi xìn      Wechat

抖音   dǒu yīn     Tiktok

朋友圈   péng yǒu quān    Moment


发微信   fā wēi xìn     Send a wechat message

加好友   jiā hǎo yǒu    add…as friend

删除好友  shān chú hǎo yǒu    unfriend

拉黑   lā hēi    blacklist

赞     zàn   like

分享   fēn xiǎng   share

关注   guān zhù    follow

发私信  fā sī xìn   Private message

@ 提到…   tí dào    mention…

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