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Chinese word list-Personality


活泼    huopo    vivacious

安静    anjing       quiet

自信    zixing      confident

友好    youhao   friendly

大胆    dadan    bold

开朗    kailang   broad-minded and outspoken

外向   waixiang  extroverted

乐观   le guan     optimistic

内向   nei xiang   introverted

大方   dafang      generous

调皮/淘气    tiaopi/taoqi   naughty

温和    wenhe    mild

害羞    haixiu    shy

听话/乖    tinghua/guai    well-behaved

固执     guzhi     stubborn


Practice this conversation

Nǐ mèi mei de xìng gé zěn me yàng ?


What is your younger sister’s personality like?

Tā bǐ wǒ wài xiàng 。


She is more extroverted than me.


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