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Chinese Family Vocabulary ——中国的家人

家 – jiā- family

爷爷  yéye   paternal grandpa                                        姥爷   lǎoye    maternal grandpa

奶奶 – nǎi nai  paternal grandma                              姥姥   lǎolao   maternal grandma


叔叔- shūshu  uncle(father’s younger brother)         舅舅   jiùjiu    uncle (mother’s brother)

姑姑—gūgu  aunt(father’sister)                                    姨妈   yímā     aunt (mother’s sister)

伯伯—bóbo uncle(father’s older brother)                  妈妈   māma   mom

爸爸—bàba dad


姐姐  jiějie   older sister

哥哥  gēge   older brother

弟弟  dìdi    younger sister

妹妹  méimei    younger brother


女儿  nǚér

儿子  érzi

孩子  háizi

Practice this conversation

Nǐjiā yǒu jǐkǒurén?

—— 你家有几口人?

Wǒjiā yǒu sìkǒu rén, bàba,māma hé wǒ.


The Chinese family tree are quite complicated. For example, there are actually several different words for aunt, uncle, and cousin. Want to know more, check out on our other postsChinese family treeto learn more.


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