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Girls, get a Chinese name for yourself! | 女生的中文名

Weeks ago we made a list of the awesome Chinese names for boys! Grils, sorry for keep you waiting so long. Now check the following lists and get a beautiful Chinese name for yourself!

Chinese people put family name in front of given name.

The coolest family name list for girls( only a little bit different from the list for boys):1. 凤(phoenix)2. 诗(poems)3. 宫(palace)

4. 华(Chinese, gorgeous)

5. 官(bureaucrats, public officers)

6. 慕容(noble and graceful)

7. 李(the family name of the emperors of Tang Dynasty)

8. 寒(cold)

9. 冰(ice)

10. 乔(makes people think of the famous beauties “大乔” and “小乔” of the Three Kingdoms Period)

11. 兰(orchid)

12. 季(seasons)

13. 叶(leaf)

14. 千(thousands)

15. 年(year)

16. 乌(black)

17. 上官(just pretttttttty cool and rare)

18. 时(time)

19. 夏(summer)

20. 曲(songs, music, arts)

21. 朱(red, the family name of the emperors of the Ming Dynasty)

22. 蓝(blue)

23. 孔(the family name of Confucius)

24. 柳(willow)

Then you can choose your own given name! Usually, Chinese people’s names are consisted of either one single Chinese character or of two Chinese characters together.

There is a list of Chinese characters of feminine meanings. You can choose one or two to make your own Chinese name!1. 雪(snow)2. 莉(Lily)3. 蝶(butterfly)

4. 梦(dreams)

5. 镜(mirror)

6. 雯(quiet and smart)

7. 巧(skillful)

8. 雅(graceful)

9. 玉(jade)

10. 樱(cherry blossom, sakura)

11. 歌(songs)

12. 岚(winds from mountains)

13. 雨(rains)

14. 爱(love)

15. 云(cloud)

16. 碧(beautiful green)

17. 月(moon)

18. 映(reflect)

19. 水(water)

20. 媛(ladies)

21. 芳(fragrance of flowers and plants)

22. 流(flow)

23. 忆(memory)

24. 夕(nightfall)

25. 红(red)

26. 安(peaceful)

27. 露(dew)

28. 心(heart)

29. 虹(rainbow)

30. 欣(happy)

31. 烟(smoke)

32. 彩(colorful)

33. 夜(night)

34. 秋(autumn)

35. 柔(gentle)

36. 娜(Nana/Anna)

37. 懿(rich, posh)

38. 凌(sky, ice)

39. 茗(best tea)

40. 城(walls, city)

Using the Chinese characters given in the lists above, you can make your own cool Chinese names! For example… my birthday is on March 17th, so I combine the No.3 family name “宫” and the No.17 given name “月” together to get my male Chinese name “宫月”. Wow, what a nice name!



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