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Meanings of Chinese Names for Males | 中文男名的含义

The Chinese names are usually a combination of a family name and a given name, and the family name should be put in front of the given name.

The coolest family name:

  1. 龙(dragon)
  2. 叶(leaf)
  3. 项(which makes people think of the ancient tragic hero “项羽”)
  4. 刘(the family name of the emperors of Han Dynasty)
  5. 慕容(noble and graceful)
  6. 李(the family name of the emperors of Tang Dynasty)
  7. 寒(cold)
  8. 季(seasons)
  9. 千(thousands)
  10. 顾(the family name of the Mr. Right in many modern Chinese romantic fictions which Chinese girls like a lot )
  11. 霍(which makes people think of the ancient hero “霍去病”or the Kung Fu master ”霍元甲”)
  12. 年(year)
  13. 乌(black)
  14. 上官(just pretttttttty cool and rare)
  15. 时(time)
  16. 夏(summer)
  17. 严(strict and serious)
  18. 曲(songs, music, arts)
  19. 朱(red, the family name of the emperors of the Ming Dynasty)
  20. 蓝(blue)
  21. 孔(the family name of Confucius)
  22. 柳(willow)
  23. 宫(palace)
  24. 华(Chinese, gorgeous)
  25. 官(bureaucrats, public officers)


Then you can make your own given name!

Usually, Chinese people’s names are consisted of either one single Chinese character or of two Chinese characters together.

There is a list of Chinese characters of masculine meanings. You can choose one or two to make your own Chinese name!


  1. 宏(broad, ambitious)
  2. 博(intelligent)
  3. 海(sea)
  4. 星(star)
  5. 流(flow)
  6. 诚(honesty)
  7. 天(sky)
  8. 忠(loyalty)
  9. 勇(brave)
  10. 国(nation and patriotic)
  11. 明(bright)
  12. 斌(both intelligent and strong)
  13. 文(articles, knowledge)
  14. 阳(sun)
  15. 杰(heroes)
  16. 伟(great)
  17. 凯(cool boy)
  18. 剑(sword)
  19. 河(river)
  20. 嘉(excellence)
  21. 茗(best tea)
  22. 渊(chasm, gulf, intelligent)
  23. 峰(mountains)
  24. 简(simple)
  25. 旭(the rising sun)
  26. 康(healthy)
  27. 睿(wisdom)
  28. 鸣(the sound of birds)
  29. 景(scenery)
  30. 树(tress)
  31. 鹤(red-crowned crane)
  32. 晨(morning)
  33. 夜(night)
  34. 誉(honor)
  35. 君(king)
  36. 学(learn)
  37. 静(quiet, prudent)
  38. 世(generation, families of long history)
  39. 建(architecture)
  40. 胜(victory)


Using the Chinese characters given in the lists above, you can make your own cool Chinese names! For example… my birthday is March 17th,  so I combine the No.3 family name “项” and the No.17 given name together to get my male Chinese name “项凯”. It’s cool, but I’m a girl and I already have a Chinese name, so I have to give it up.

If you want a given name of two Chinese characters, just choose another number!

Now, have a try! Make your own Chinese name by yourself!


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